What is Sodium ?

Sodium is an essential electrolyte which is present in the extracellular fluid. It is very important for osmoregulation and fluid maintenance within the body. Sodium plays an important role in blood regulation and ensures that blood reaches every part of our body. Serious impairment of bodily function is caused due to absence of sodium. Sodium deficiencies can be extremely harmful.

Deficiency Symptoms of Sodium

As I mentioned, if you don’t supply your body with adequate amount of sodium, the deficiency can prove to be fatal. the recommended intake of sodium is 2400mg/day. Sodium deficiency can lead to the following ailments :

1. Diarrhoea

2. Vomiting

3. Headache

4. Low blood pressure

5. Weight loss

Reduction in the amount of sodium also decreases the fat accumulated in the peripheral parts of the body.


Major Sources Of Sodium

1. Apples

2. Common Salt

3. Homemade soups

4. Pulses

5. Bananas

Also, processed cheese, smoked fish, salty meats and pickles also contain ample amount of sodium.

Benefits Of Sodium :

Sodium is generally present in very small quantities in almost every food. Its health benefits include :

1. Water Balance : Sodium helps to pump water into the cells thereby regulating the fluid levels in the body.

2. Proper Brain Function : This is one of the most important benefits of sodium. The brain is extremely sensitive to sodium levels. That’s why sodium deficiency often leads to confusion and lethargy. Sodium keeps the brain sharp and going which is necessary for its development.

3. Elimination of excess Carbon Dioxide : Sodium helps to eliminate any excess carbon dioxide that has accumulated in the body.

4. Regulates Glucose Absorption : Sodium helps in good absorption of glucose by cells, thereby leading to smooth transportation in the body’s cell membranes.

5. Heart Health : Sodium maintains the blood pressure but excess intake of sodium might lead to high blood pressure. Sodium must be consumed according to body’s requirements.

So we see that Sodium is very necessary for the regulation of cellular activity and proper functioning of the nervous system. Your body needs supplement doses of sodium more when you sweat profusely or have sunstroke.


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