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8 Tips for Effective Winter Acne Prevention and Treatment

Get glowing skin this winter with these tips to prevent and treat acne the easy and hassle-free way

Winter brings on the harshest among Mother Nature’s many faces. As the temperatures drop, all forms of humidity are sucked out of the air. The dryness in the air is quick to get to the skin, making it flaky and itchy in no time. Winter is potentially very harmful for the skin: it can cause acne breakouts. Treatment of winter acne can be challenging if done without guidance, but preventing acne is easier than struggling with it after a breakout occurs. Here are some simple winter acne remedies to follow and acne prevention and treatment tips to keep the skin healthy and glowing throughout the harsh cold.

Acne treatment

1. Stock Up on Winter Products

The needs of the human body change with the season. While deodorants and sunscreen lotions may have been crucial during the summer, they aren’t very useful in the winter. In fact, some summer skin products actually harm the skin in winter. Alcohol-based and synthetic products like lotions and sprays cause excessive dryness which helps in countering sweaty skin in the summer, but it only makes skin drier in the winter. It’s a very good idea to buy or bring out of storage some of the soothing winter lotions and perfumes for effective acne prevention in winter.

2. Cleansing Skin

Skin pores tend to get clogged with dust particles in the air and internal oil build up during the winter. Lotions and other skin products may also leave behind residue when used. This further clogs the pores, raising the chances of acne formation. Cleansing the skin with facial scrubs is a crucial part of acne treatment during winter.

3. Moisturize

Dryness is the biggest skin problem in winter. It makes the skin feel flaky and itchy, at times even causing toughened skin (especially on the feet) to crack and bleed. Dryness makes the epidermis dry up, making it feel tight. The epidermis may even break; it is then only a matter of time before acne-causing bacteria grows beneath the flaked epidermis and a breakout ensues. The simplest acne prevention tip in such a case is to rub generous amounts of moisturizer onto the skin. Remember not to overdo it, though, because the skin needs some space to breathe. Overuse of moisturizer may actually even cause acne.

4. Nourish

Just like the human body needs its daily dose of nutrition, the skin needs nourishment too – especially during the winter. While moisturizing will take adequate care of the dryness on the surface, it does not help the skin produce protective oils that form a harmless, natural layer on the surface. This layer can keep the pores from getting clogged to a certain extent. Fruit masks available in the market are far likelier to help in the prevention of acne in winter.

Nourish your skin

5. Hydrate

Winter dryness leaves the body ravaged and dehydrated, which adversely affects the skin. It is highly important to ensure that water consumption is at an all time high during winter. Drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated and active, in turn supplementing the body’s natural detoxification process. This works as an acne treatment method as well as an acne prevention technique.

6. Diet Control

They say ‘You are what you eat’, and this is very relevant to the context of acne prevention. Eating oily and junk foods raises the chances of experiencing painful acne breakouts. Some people have obvious triggers that set off massive acne breakouts. The consumption of dairy products including butter and cheese has been clinically proven to have a positive correlation with acne breakouts in a vast sample of people. Chocolate has been found to worsen acne conditions. Planned dietary changes with the help of a nutritionist will prove to be a highly effective acne prevention method.

7. Detoxify

Toxins build up within the body due to the consumption of junk and oily foods, or simply due to the pollution in the air. These may cause acne breakouts every once in a while. To prevent getting acne in winter, one should ideally be highly active physically. This not only helps in raising general fitness levels, but it also causes one to sweat out the toxins within the system, preventing acne from breaking out.

8. Avoid Make Up

The skin needs as much space to ‘breathe’ as it can get during winter. Using foundation creams and other make up products covers the pores and suffocates the skin, which is enough to trigger an acne breakout. Avoiding such make up products is highly recommended. However, if it must be used, one must bear in mind that letting make up stay on overnight can have a disastrous effect on the skin. Make up should be washed off the skin before bedtime at all costs.

Acne treatment and prevention in the winter is simpler than most people think it might be. These eight everyday tips can prevent and cure acne in a painless, inexpensive and relatively effortless manner!


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