Not all men are an object of women’s desire. Only men with certain unique qualities attract women. Here, I mean that a man who is good-looking and charming doesn’t mean that he will succeed in attracting women around him. There are lot of things that women find in a man and love to fall for him.

So men, are you listening? Do you fall in the category of ‘irresistible men’? Do you have that irresistible factor which makes women have more and more of you?

Find out for yourself :

1. The Intellectual One : A man with exceptional wits and intellects tends to attract a woman remarkably. His intelligent approach to every situation in his life and tackling problems practically is what impresses a woman. After all, how can intelligence not drive someone crazy!

2. The Humorous One : You can make a woman go crazy with your clever sense of humour. A light-hearted man who doesn’t fail to make her laugh when she is feeling low or even otherwise is all she wants to spend her life with.

3. The Confident One : A confident man is one who is bold and assertive. He carries himself confidently and makes his girl feel secure when she is with him. Such a man is protective about his girl. There’s a thin line between being protective and insecure. Always choose the former.

4. The Creative One : Women are easily attracted to creative guys. You can show off your artistic side to her everytime you get the opportunity. Creativity makes women go weak in their knees.

5. The Caring One : One of the best ways to grab a woman’s attention is to be chivalrous towards her. Follow the ‘English Gentleman’ rules whenever you are with her. For example, opening the car door for her, picking her up at her door, etc.

So, these are the men who women dream of, crave for and lust after!

Photo Courtesy : thenewage.co.za


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