DAL MAKHANI is a popular dish of the Indian cuisine particularly enjoyed in North India. It is present on every restaurant’s menu card. It is a nice change if you don’t want to have the regular dal in lunch. Dal Makhani is not only tasty but also has a high nutritional value. It is extremely rich in proteins, which is why it forms an essential part of balanced diet. Unlike other dals Dal Makhani contains many other grains and dals which add to the healthy value of this dish.

Now take a look at my Dal Makhani which is home-made!



“Makhani” in Dal Makhani means “Butter”, so don’t forget to add butter to it which will add more taste. Coriander leaves are of course for decoration purpose.

Now let me tell you the various grains and dals which have been mixed together to make Dal Makhani :

1. Black Masoor Dal

2. Black Full Urad Dal

3. Rajma

Soak these in water for about 8-9 hours.

Boil them in pressure cooker and while boiling, add 6-7 badi elaichi and small piece of dalchini. They add taste and fragrance to Dal Makhani.

Chop 2 onions in slices and cut ginger into very small pieces. Take a non-stick frying pan (kadhai) and put some butter in it and heat it. Now fry onion and ginger in the butter till they turn a little brown. For spices take red chilly powder, Garam (Khada) Masala and dry coriander powder. Fry these spices for 2 minutes. Add some more butter while frying. Add salt according to your taste. Pour dal into this mixture in frying pan. Add some butter and boil it for 5 minutes. Now pour it hot in service bowl.

You can have it with Butter Naan like I did, or even Tandoori Roti. If you are having it for lunch, you can enjoy it with boiled rice.

Serve it hot and relish Dal Makhani.

Hope you liked the dish. 🙂


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