Just ahead of World Lipstick Day, Team Oriflame sent me ORIFLAME GIORDANI GOLD JEWEL LIPSTICK. The shade I got is CERISE PINK.

Ladies’ love for lipsticks cannot be denied, right girls?

Check out my review of this wonderful lipstick and see how it fares :


Packaging :  Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick’s packaging is bewitching, literally! It is encrusted with precious designer jewels. I have not witnessed such a royal packing concept for a lipstick so far in my life.


Product Experience :  Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick has taken my heart away! My shade is Cerise Pink which is a way too lovable shade. Sophisticated and pretty, the Cerise Pink shade beautifully compliments every outfit. It adds lot of cheer and happiness to your persona.

The lipstick is smooth textured, with an incredible long-lasting quality. It leaves your lips lustrous and stunning. The best part is that this Oriflame Jewel Lipstick keeps your lips hydrated and moist, keeping the natural color of your lips intact.

Overall, it is the best lipstick that takes care of your lips and makes them look great.


Net Content :  4g

Price :  Rs. 350/-

Rating :  5/5


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