My love for nail paints grows with each passing day and today I am here to review ORIFLAME GIORDANI GOLD LACQUE BRILLIANCE NAIL POLISH, sent to me by Team Oriflame. The shade is Royal Red.

Let’s see how it fares.

Packaging :  Oriflame Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance Nail Polish comes in a transparent bottle with a golden cap. The beautiful red color reflects through the bottle and you just can’t resist it.


Product Experience :  This Lacque Brilliance Nail Polish in royal red can be applied easily in one coat. Avoid going for a double coat as it wears off fast. The nail polish gives you a smooth and fine coat. You need not wait for the paint to dry as it dries off fast. It starts to chip off from the tip of the nail. But it lasts for a good number of days. Since the color is dark, when you choose to remove it, wipe it with cotton and nail remover. You will require many pieces of cotton to remove it because the color is dark and will not come out with just one round of wipe.

Talking about the Royal Red shade, the shade is absolutely stunning and sensuous. It adds oodles of glamour to your overall look. You can wear it with a gown or a chiffon sari or any Indian or Western attire and spill magic all around.


Net Quantity :  11ml

Price :  Rs. 350/-

Rating :  5/5


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