BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA has always cared for you and the nature. Their products are tested natural and eco-friendly. Their amazing products take care of you, the natural way.

Today I will be reviewing one such product for you. It is BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA BALSAMO SPRAY CONDITIONER BALM.

Let’s see how it fares :

Packaging :

The packaging is completely inspired from the nature. You tend to see flowers and field on the bottle which is so soothing to the eyes.


Product Features :

This hair care spray has been innovatively designed and infused with natural ingredients that actively work together to prevent dehydration, fragility and split ends. The spray keeps the texture and volume of your hair intact. The application is quite easy. You just need to spray it on dry hair and it envelopes your hair, thereby adding softness and moisture to hair. Your hair will look voluminous and silky moments after the spray.


Ingredients :

Panthenol, wheat protein, silk protein & Aloe.

Directions To Use :

Spray uniformely onto hair that has been washed and patted dry. Leave on for a few minutes and then comb, without rinsing.

Have You Tried Bottega Di Lungavita Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm Yet? If yes, Share Your Reviews In Comments Below 🙂


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