NAVRATRI meaning ‘9 Nights’ is one of the most popular festivals which is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout India. With Navratri 2015 round the corner I can already feel the traditional festival taking a fantastic shape. It is that time of the year when all you can think of is enjoyment and fun.

GUJARAT continues to remain the most sought after destination to celebrate Navratri. If you visit Gujarat at this time, you can feel the festive fervour in the state that entices you completely. This is the only place which celebrates a 9-night dance festival, the longest in the world. People gather in huge numbers from each and every village, town and city to seek blessings from the feminine divinity referred to as ‘Shakti’. You find everyone drowned in the sea of divinity, purity and celebration.

Dressed in ethnic outfits, women sway to the songs while playing ‘garba’ which is a popular dance form of Gujarat. You find a small Goddess shrine erected by every community to mark the beginning of the festival on the first day of Hindu month of Ashwin. The shrine includes a garbo which is nothing but an earthenware pot in which a betel nut, coconut and silver coin are placed. Men and Women, both traditionally dressed, dance around the garbo. Forgetting everything about the stress and pressures, people dance to the classical tunes of songs till late midnight. The dance and music happens after the puja which is performed to worship all the nine forms of Goddess Durga.

Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :

You will find your soul automatically getting immersed in this divine and pure fervour which is found only in Gujarat. The Garba circles move around the supreme power which is symbolic of power and courage and while performing the Garba steps, you do feel the energy that gradually starts cleansing your mind and soul, thereby making you strong and fearless.

Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :

I Hope After Reading My Article, You Will Plan A Visit To Gujarat During Navratri For A Spiritual And Memorable Experience!


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