Workout should invariably form a part of your lifestyle. It is a great step towards healthy living. One should never avoid working out at any age or stage.

Okay. So, that was the importance of workout. But one question that always wanders in our mind is what to eat before and after workout? Most of us are unaware about the right way to eat before and after workout.

Remember, eating too much or too little before workout has serious impacts on your health. So, you should know what and how much you should eat before workout.

Photo Courtesy : jeanniestamour,
Photo Courtesy : jeanniestamour,


Before going for walk or any kind of cardio activity, it is important to fuel your system by eating something healthy. Drink a glass of milk which is a very good start to the day. Eat fruits which is a great way to keep your system fresh. You can also have energy drinks which help to energize your body. Carry a bottle containing water or even juice to gym or walk. It is very important to keep your system hydrated throughout your workout session.


Whether you come back home after morning or evening workout, it is essential to fill your stomach with a healthy and nutritious diet. During workout, our body tends to lose important nutrients and minerals. To make up for this loss of nutrients, have a balanced diet containing cereals, pulses and grains in good quantity as they are excellent sources of proteins. Include egg whites in your diet. This will provide you with energy. Also, the body loses lot of salt in the form of sweat. So drink a glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt and pepper in it to make up for the lost salt. Try to include milk and other milk products like yoghurt and cheese as much as possible in the diet as they are great sources of Vitamin D.

Eat the right foods in the right proportion before and after workout and enjoy a healthy life!



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