Interesting DIY Fashion Videos!

Hello everyone!

It is so easy to just go to the store and purchase the funky scarf that is trending this season. But once it ‘settles’ in your closet, comes across the dreaded question- “What to wear?” We need to shift the focus from buying everything in trend to creating your own style. It is often forgotten that the girl next door can’t even figure out how to pair her favourite jeans with the cool new black top that she just bought. And while we are cluttering our closets with everything that is ‘in’, the responsibility of styling the youth falls on the fashion media.

Every DIY fashion  video, every tip on how to wear ‘denim on denim’ or ‘print on print’ is helping that girl next door to sort out a few more clothes, which were otherwise lying in the back of her closet.

So, it gives me immense pleasure to share some interesting videos with you which will help you to create your own unique style.

Check them out :

Video 1 :  How to walk like a model : v=z6xlKa9ba8o

Video 2 :  How to get pictures clicked like a model : v=PCzIByit4Pk

I am sure you will like these videos. Looking like a model has never been so easy!!


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