Gehna Jewellers Presents ‘Durja Collection’!

Hello lovelies! Happy Thursday!

One of my most favourite jewellery brands GEHNA JEWELLERS has come up with an exciting and unique collection called “DURJA”. The word, in Sanskrit, means ‘invincible’.

Take a look at two pieces from this one-of-a-kind collection :


The collection stands true to its name. It’s entire focus is on the power and majesty of an elephant. Both these pieces are beautiful and speak of perfection and innovation. While the one on your left is outrageous and bold, the other stands for cuteness and is more on the soft side. You can look dynamic adorning the left necklace or choose to keep it cool and delicate with the right jewel.

The Durja Collection by Gehna is truly one of the most amazing collections I have ever come across. You wouldn’t have worn anything of this kind, I am sure.

I’m in love!


Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!!


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