Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Is Your Answer For All Your Hair Woes!

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Today, I am going to talk about my most favourite and trusted KAYA SKIN CLINIC which is my go-to destination for all my beauty needs.

Kaya Skin Clinic offers a host of skin and hair services that are stamped with US FDA’s approval and comply with international standards. A beautiful and flawless skin is every girl’s dream and Kaya’s services make it possible.

I have always had an amazing experience at the clinic. The moment you enter, you are treated to a lavish ambience and great hospitality. There are well-experienced dermatologists to guide you about the service you want to take up, your skin type, what will suit you best, how many sessions you would require, and more. You can totally trust them with your skin. Then, the beauty therapists who would perform the service are indeed the best. You walk out after the service, happy and fully satisfied. At Kaya, the best and internationally proven technology is used which gives you the desired results and promises to provide you with a radiant skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is the most sought after treatment that you can opt for to get rid of all your hair worries. Shaving, threading and waxing are temporary methods and do not promise a flawless skin. The hair grow back quickly and get coarser in quality. On the contrary, Kaya’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction reduces the hair growth and the hair become finer and softer.

So guys, Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is your answer for all your hair woes!

Do check out this video and see it for yourself :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP6ev0JlUEA


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After creating iconic hairstyles for Bollywood legends, BBLUNT SALON brings you a fabulous range of at-home hair colours. With stunning shades, amazing grey coverage and unmatched glossy hair, this simple 3-part system gives you the WOW your regular home hair colour was missing for so long!

In the box you have the salon’s secret to dazzling hair colour: SHINE TONIC . Enriched with Silk Protein, this special tonic is what your regular hair colour had been missing for so long.

Simply take the luxuriously creamy colourant and developer together in equal proportions and add the shine tonic. Now mix till smooth for a fragrant, non-drip blend.Apply and Voila! You’re only 30 minutes away from epic, shiny hair!

Be spoilt for choice with BBlunt Salon Secret’s blockbuster shades that beautifully complement Indian skin tones. Results will vary on the basis of your natural colour and extent of greys.

Also, don’t forget to check out BBlunt’s website : http://www.bblunt.com/





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Let’s see how it fares :


Product Experience :

To begin with, what makes this Lakme lipstick indeed special is that the matte looks have been deconstructed by the Lakme experts. These lipsticks are synonymous with style and luxury. The entire range is available in 15 gorgeous shades which come with the promise of making you feel like a celebrity.

The lipstick comes with a long lasting formula and excellent matte finish. Unlike most matte lipsticks it does not make your lips dry. Rather it turns out to be really smooth on application. The hi-definition and intense color gets splashed on the lips in just one stroke. This lipstick from Lakme’s matte range will break all general perceptions of a matte lipstick you might be having. After trying this lipstick you would become a fan of matte lipsticks. It is highly pigmented and offers you a rich and luxurious experience.

The Tangerine Lush shade is an orange color with a hint of red. It is an extremely chic shade and adds a lot of style to my look. You can wear it with summer-chic outfits or make heads turn at cocktail events or parties. Whatever the occasion or outfit, this shade is sure to make a style statement.

I would totally recommend this super stunning lipstick to all!

Packaging  :

The lipstick comes in a black cardboard box that reveals all the details about the lipstick. Inside the box, there is a reflective grey tube which shows the shade of the lipstick. The transparent cap shuts with a click.


Net content :  3.7g

Price :  Rs. 700/-

Rating :  5/5


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Today I will be reviewing my most favourite product from my makeup essentials which is : L’OREAL PARIS LUCENT MAGIQUE BLUSH OF LIGHT GLOW PALETTE – PARADISE CORAL.

Read on to see how it fares :

Product Experience :

I am totally a fan of this amazing blush from L’Oreal Paris. It’s hard to find good blushes but this blush fulfilled all my expectations and instantly became my obsession. This blush of light glow palette is the 1st blush of light trio blush palette that creates an exquisitely magical lit-from-within glow. It successfully provides your skin with an irresistible glow and shine. It made me look radiant and I fell in love with the confidence my skin seemed to exude. This lightweight blush is enhanced with the innovative glow pigment technology. It even captures the light to sculpt a perfect 3D glow. You need to apply it with the soft bristled brush provided to facilitate easy and smooth application. In just few minutes you get rosy cheeks to bowl everyone over!

The Lucent Magique blush from L’Oreal Paris comes in 3 colours. The first shade is pinkish gold shade which makes you look pretty (I have applied this colour on my face). The second one is an orange-rust shade which looks like coral and adds elegance to your look. The last and the third shade is a hot pink shade which is truly glamorous. Thus, these 3 colours make up the beautiful palette which give you the advantage of choosing the shade of your choice according to the look and occasion.


Packaging :

The blush comes in a rose gold box with a reflective top. When you open it you see the palette along with the brush inside. The cap shuts with a click. Overall, the packaging is utterly stunning!

Directions To Use :

Swirl on apple of cheeks or around facial contour after face foundation makeup.


Net Content :  4.5g

Price :  Rs. 850/-

Rating :  5/5


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Today, I will be reviewing yet another product that I received from BANJARA’S from their newly launched range. The product is BANJARA’S SKIN +VE BODY LOTION.

Product Experience :

The new Banjara’s Skin +ve Body Lotion proved to be my one-stop solution to keep my skin hydrated and fresh in summers. Summers are harsh on our skin and our skin tends to lose its natural lustre and shine. This awesome body lotion works wonders for your skin by keeping it moist, soft and supple. With an addictive fragrance, it makes you look youthful and radiant.

Enriched with Pomegranate, Honey and Butter, this body lotion acts as your first step towards achieving an everlasting glowing skin. The rich pomegranate extracts protect the skin from aging rapidly due to moisture loss and accelerates the skin repair process. Honey rejuvenates and softens the skin. Infused with Shea Butter and Kokum Butter, this lotion gives you a satin-like skin like butter.


Ingredients :

Sunflower Oil, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Honey, Castor Oil, Yashad Bhasma.

Directions To Use :

Apply sufficient quantity of lotion on your body and massage gently. Use twice daily for best results. Suitable for all season usage and skin types.


Net Volume :  100ml

Price :  Rs. 80/-

Rating :  5/5




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BANJARA’S , a herbal beauty brand sent me a new product that they were launching for review. I was too excited to review the product as I love herbal products. They are not harmful and take care of your skin in a healthier way. The brand’s tagline is “Beautifying You Naturally” and their products stand true to the tagline.

They have come up with a Skin +ve range and the product I will be reviewing today is BANJARA’S SKIN +ve BEAUTY CREAM.


Product Experience :

Banjara’s Skin +ve Beauty Cream is a lightweight cream that is too soft on your skin, which is why you don’t feel any heaviness when you apply it. The best part is that it improves the texture of your skin and at the same time keeps the natural glow of your skin intact. The fragrance itself is so refreshing!

The beauty cream accentuates your natural beauty by making it healthy, youthful and flawless. Infused with pomegranate extracts, it accelerates the skin repair process, helps to firm up and tighten the skin to preserve its youth. Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 come together to build skin elasticity and hydration for a smoother, younger looking skin. SPF 15 and PA++ provide broad spectrum protection.

Overall, this herbal beauty cream can prove to be your best friend in all seasons. You can totally rely on this cream which is a natural solution to make your skin look glowing and fresh.

Ingredients :

Olive Oil, Glycerine, Yashad Bhasma, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Vitamin E, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin A, Pro-Vitamin B5.

Directions To Use :

Apply small quantity of the beauty cream on your cleansed face in dots and massage gently. Use twice daily for best results.


Net Weight :  40g

Price :  Rs. 100/-

Rating :  5/5


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Today, I will be reviewing the awesome ORIFLAME THE ONE WONDER LINER. Read on :

Product Experience :

My love for eyeliners cannot be denied. In short, anything that makes my eyes look pretty is in my kitty! Oriflame The One Wonder Liner is truly the best eyeliner I have tried so far. You get a slight wet sensation as the liner glides smoothly through your eyes. Liners don’t look good enough without wings. So I went for a dynamic winged eyes look which was easy to achieve with this amazing eyeliner. It is richly pigmented, smudge-proof and glides down neatly without creating any mess. It stays for longer hours and makes your eyes look bold, intense and beautiful.

Packaging :

The packaging is nice. The product comes with a tip applicator which makes way for a super easy application. It is lightweight and easy to carry.


Directions To Use :

Apply directly on the eyelids. Go for winged eyes for a glamorous look!


Net Content :  2.5ml

Price :  Rs. 429/-

Rating :  5/5