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A prim and proper look is surely touted as the most polished look. But there are days when you feel like to keep it simple and casual.

DISTRESSED DENIMS have been ruling the fashion charts for quite a while now. This trend has been practiced since the 80s and continues to dominate many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities wardrobes.

The only thing is you should know the right way to style them. So I thought to give you some tips on how to style your distressed denims perfectly.

Take a look :

  • If being too casual is not on your list, think of pairing your ripped jeans with a sleeveless black and white striped tee and a blazer. You can wear kitten heels with this look because all that matters is comfort, right?
  • One of the best ways that I would suggest is to pair your ripped denims with a black tee and a leather jacket for an uber confident look. You can wear strapped heels or sporty shoes with it.
  • Want to look casual yet too stylish? Wear a sleeveless white tee and pair it with your distressed denims. Finish out your look with a ponytail and chic pair of sunglasses.
  • If you are headed for a lunch with your friends or to see a football/cricket match, pair your shredded jeans with a sweatshirt for an adventurous look.
  • Last but not the least, you can also choose to wear a pretty floral or printed top with your ripped denims. This will make you look casual as well as polished.
Photo Courtesy :  Pinterest
Photo Courtesy : Pinterest
Photo Courtesy :  streetstyle.allwomenstalk.com
Photo Courtesy : streetstyle.allwomenstalk.com

So, Distressed Denims Are Indeed ‘De-Stressing’! Hope You Like My Tips And Go On To Style Your Denims The Perfect Way!!