Shine Like A Bollywood Star With BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour!

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We all dream of achieving gorgeous hair like our celebrities, don’t we? Well, BBLUNT SALON SECRET HIGH SHINE CREME HAIR COLOUR is here to turn your dreams into reality. After creating iconic hairstyles for Bollywood legends and perfecting designer looks for India’s top runways and fashion magazines, BBLUNT Salon , led by celebrity stylist Adhuna, brings you thiss fabulous range of at-home hair colours. From a variety of colours to choose from, I chose NATURAL BLACK.


The BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour is a revolution in the field of hair colour products. It gives you the privilege of colouring your hair at the comfort of your home! The 3-part hair colour system gives you shiny hair you always vouched for. Enriched with silk protein, this special tonic is what your regular hair colour had been missing for so long.

All you have to do is take the luxuriously creamy Colourant and Developer together in equal proportions and add the shine tonic. Now mix till smooth for a fragrant, non-stop blend. And there you are! To fall in love with your epic, shiny hair! The hair colour is sure to last upto 8 weeks.

The pack contains the following :

1 tube of Creme Colourant (Type 3) : 20g

1 tube of developer : 20g

2 sachets of shine tonic : 2ml

1 pair of gloves

1 instruction leaflet

Net Content :  40g + 2ml

This mini pack is available at a price of Rs. 89/-

You can find your own pack here :


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Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Is Your Answer For All Your Hair Woes!

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Today, I am going to talk about my most favourite and trusted KAYA SKIN CLINIC which is my go-to destination for all my beauty needs.

Kaya Skin Clinic offers a host of skin and hair services that are stamped with US FDA’s approval and comply with international standards. A beautiful and flawless skin is every girl’s dream and Kaya’s services make it possible.

I have always had an amazing experience at the clinic. The moment you enter, you are treated to a lavish ambience and great hospitality. There are well-experienced dermatologists to guide you about the service you want to take up, your skin type, what will suit you best, how many sessions you would require, and more. You can totally trust them with your skin. Then, the beauty therapists who would perform the service are indeed the best. You walk out after the service, happy and fully satisfied. At Kaya, the best and internationally proven technology is used which gives you the desired results and promises to provide you with a radiant skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is the most sought after treatment that you can opt for to get rid of all your hair worries. Shaving, threading and waxing are temporary methods and do not promise a flawless skin. The hair grow back quickly and get coarser in quality. On the contrary, Kaya’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction reduces the hair growth and the hair become finer and softer.

So guys, Kaya Skin Clinic’s Permanent Laser Hair Reduction is your answer for all your hair woes!

Do check out this video and see it for yourself :


Hello girls!

We, girls are born with different hair tendencies. Apart from the length of the hair, we have different hair types. Some have naturally curly hair, some are born with natural waves and others with straight hair.

I have seen girls fretting over their naturally curly hair, to talk in particular. They find them annoying because they feel that they can’t go for any chic hairstyle. They think that they do not have any option but to always keep their naturally curly hair the way they are.

But girls, you are wrong. You need not think that way!

I will tell you some fantastic hairstyles that you can try on your curly hair, irrespective of their length.

  • For Medium Curly Hair :  If you have medium length curly hair, you can go for a nice braided hairstyles. Braids are always in fashion and are also high on comfort and style. Braided hairstyles can be embraced in all the seasons. Your curls tend to look more fashionable when they take the form of a braided hairstyle. Style your braid in any way you want to. You can adorn cute hair accessories and bands for an uber chic look.
Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :
  • For Long Curly Hair :  If you are blessed with long curly hair, bob hairstyles will prove to be the best fashion for you. You know bobs are made in many different ways today. A trendy bob hairstyle with luscious curls falling on the face are sure to make you a style diva. Bob hairstyles have dominated red carpets since long. Celebrities with naturally curly hair opt for this ever-stylish hairstyle.
Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :

So girls, now you know CURLS ARE CLASSY!!

Flaunt your curls and try these stylish hairstyles! 🙂


My experience with DABUR products has always been very good.

It’s my great pleasure to share with you the review of DABUR VATIKA ENRICHED COCONUT HAIR OIL.

Read on :

Product Features :

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is truly enriched with the best natural ingredients. These ingredients provide your hair with the best nourishment and help them keep shiny. You tend to find all remedies in nature, after all.


So, basically what is this hair oil enriched with?

Take a look :

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Amla
  3. Henna
  4. Lemon

All these ingredients help to prevent hairfall, hair breakage, frizziness and split ends. They act as excellent conditioners which maintain the volume of your hair, thereby making your hair look shiny and voluminous. This hair oil further stimulates hair growth by strengthening the hair roots and keeping your scalp healthy. It also fights dandruff to a great extent.


So go ahead and try this superb hair oil. It will work wonders for your hair!

Loved it? Have tried it already? Or thinking to give it a try? Whatever it is, share your thoughts, views and experiences below. 🙂


BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA has always cared for you and the nature. Their products are tested natural and eco-friendly. Their amazing products take care of you, the natural way.

Today I will be reviewing one such product for you. It is BOTTEGA DI LUNGAVITA BALSAMO SPRAY CONDITIONER BALM.

Let’s see how it fares :

Packaging :

The packaging is completely inspired from the nature. You tend to see flowers and field on the bottle which is so soothing to the eyes.


Product Features :

This hair care spray has been innovatively designed and infused with natural ingredients that actively work together to prevent dehydration, fragility and split ends. The spray keeps the texture and volume of your hair intact. The application is quite easy. You just need to spray it on dry hair and it envelopes your hair, thereby adding softness and moisture to hair. Your hair will look voluminous and silky moments after the spray.


Ingredients :

Panthenol, wheat protein, silk protein & Aloe.

Directions To Use :

Spray uniformely onto hair that has been washed and patted dry. Leave on for a few minutes and then comb, without rinsing.

Have You Tried Bottega Di Lungavita Balsamo Spray Conditioner Balm Yet? If yes, Share Your Reviews In Comments Below 🙂