A girl’s regular periods are symbolic of proper functioning of the body. They ensure that you lead a healthy life without any health complications in the long run.

Maintaining menstrual hygiene is extremely essential. There are many things a girl/woman should avoid and follow in order to maintain hygiene during her periods. If you fail to maintain hygiene, you are likely to invite many serious diseases and complications.

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Take a note of these tips to maintain hygiene during your periods and make sure you remember and follow them :


It is important to change your sanitary napkin quite frequently. It’s something you have to remember to change. If you know that you will be out for a good number of hours, change your pad before you leave your home. It is advised that you should change your pad once in five/six hours. Not changing your pad frequently can have serious implications. Even if you do not have much bleeding on a particular day, you should change it often because the pad will have organisms from your vagina, sweat from the genitals, etc. A damp pad turns green and might cause cancer if you keep it for long hours.


Another important way to maintain hygiene is to keep yourself clean and fresh. You must take bath on a regular basis and particularly wash your vagina. Washing the vagina helps in removing the excess blood away that might be resting around the opening of the vagina. It also helps to remove foul odour.


It is important to discard your used pad in a proper manner. Throw it by wrapping it properly in a waste newspaper and crush it. Never flush the used pad. Also, wash your hands after discarding your used pad.


It has been observed that women tend to use two sanitary napkins during the days when they have heavy flow. This is not correct. In days of heavy flow, you should change your pad regularly rather than opting for 2 methods of sanitation at a time. Using 2 methods of sanitation at a time can lead to rashes and infections.

Remember the above mentioned tips to maintain menstrual hygiene and stay healthy!




A woman’s body greatly depends on her menstruation cycle. It affects her in many ways. The body undergoes various major changes on the onset of periods, during pregnancy and the time when she is about to hit her menopause. A woman’s body faces hormonal hits and misses throughout her life. Hormones like oestrogen, testosterone, insulin and various others are fluctuating throughout your life.

Menstruation is your body’s way of telling you that your reproductive system is functioning properly. The monthly cycle of every girl varies. Some have it of 28 days and some have it of 30 days. The average number of days it lasts is 4-8 days. So basically, depending on various factors, some periods are short, others are long, while some are heavy, others are light.

Women tend to ignore the irregularity of their periods. Some don’t get their periods at all. There can be various causes to this depending on your age. If a girl is in her 20s or 30s and she misses her periods, chances are that she is pregnant. If a woman is her 40s or 50s and she misses them, then she is progressing towards menopause. Menopause is a stage when the ovaries decrease their production of oestrogen. The average age of hitting menopause is 51 years.

Another most common cause of missed periods is when you exercise heavily. It has been found that athletes or ballet dancers and runners who indulge in too much physical activity stop getting their periods completely. Extremely heavy or intense exercise affects the production and regulation of reproductive hormones involved in menstrual cycle.

Never ignore if you are getting painful periods or no periods at all. This might happen due to various factors and if ignored, it can prove fatal to your health. Visit a doctor immediately the moment you notice something odd or unusual in your menstrual cycle.

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