Feeling Confident In Glamorous Heels From Metro!

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Just to confess, I am a shoe lover. My fetish for classy heels cannot be expressed in words. Recently, I decided to indulge in some shoe shopping and visited my favourite brand METRO store in Juhu Galli, Mumbai.

Gosh! I entered the store and succumbed to a mind-blowing display of heels. Though this was not the first time that I visited their store, but everytime I go there I witness fresh designs that always take my heart away.

Then, my eyes fell on a beyond amazing pair of heels and that was it. All I knew was that this has to be added to my chic collection of heels! I cannot contain my excitement to show them to you..


These hot black Metro heels redefine class and beauty and are just perfect for someone like me who loves to live on her own terms.

I always look for heels that will help me look sharp and bold and this pair does just that. The design is elegant and the golden detail adds a glamorous edge to the heels. Black and golden is invariably a stunning combination.

The broad heels are high on comfort. I could walk longer distances and still feel comfortable and cool.

I styled my sexy black Metro heels with a polka dotted top from WESTSIDE and black leggings for a crisp and corporate look.

Happy Feet! Happy Girls!!


Dramatic Sandals From Aquazzura!

Hey guys!

International brand AQUAZZURA is one of my most favourite shoe brands. They make sandals that are sexy to the hilt and are unique in their own way.

Take a look at these sandals from Aquazzura :


Outrageous and bold, these heels are a part of Aquazzura’s “The Sexy Thing Tribal” collection. The design on the sandals spells drama and has an amazing tribal vibe to it. The sexy cut-outs scream sex appeal. Every girl who loves wearing heels that have the ability to accentuate her overall look will definitely fall in love with these chic heels.

Set a trend.. Go Tribal!