Thyroid gland plays a very prominent role in the proper functioning of our body parts. It is located in the neck just under the Adam’s apple and it produces the hormone thyroxin. Our body functions are thoroughly dependent on the activation of this hormone and whether we are receiving it in adequate amounts.

Thyroid problems are dangerous. You tend to gain weight if your thyroid gland is sluggish. Also, your cholesterol levels can shoot up to dangerous levels.

To avoid these problems, instead of completely relying on medication, one can go the natural way to cure the ailment. Natural therapies are always better and produce excellent results without any side-effects.

Here are some natural ways of curing thyroid problems that you can try :

1. Eliminate caffeine and sugary foods from your diet and include fresh foods like green vegetables, fruits, etc.

2. Try to include foods rich in fats. If you are getting insufficient fats, your body might succumb to hormonal imbalance which includes thyroid hormone. Healthy fats such as oil, ghee, cheese, yoghurt, fish, etc can be included.

3. One of the best ways to cure thyroid problems is to increase the intake of Vitamin A. Have foods that are good sources of Vitamin A like carrots, eggs and all the dark green vegetables.

4. Lyceum Berry is one such home remedy for thyroid which can be used to balance the abnormal responses of the body.

5. Include starchy foods such as potatoes and protein rich foods like cheese, nuts and peas in your diet.

6. Also, iodine works like magic as far as treating thyroid problems is concerned. Include iodine rich foods in your diet as much as you can such as strawberries, onion, whole rice, tomatoes and garlic.

7. Last but definitely not the least, keep your system cleansed and hydrated by drinking lots of water and fresh juices. Never compromise on your fluid intake as fluids wash out all toxic substances from your body.

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